Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see a copy of the most recent application guidelines?

Click here to see the guidelines for the 2017 Kresge Artist Fellowship application cycle.

What is a Fellowship?

Kresge Artist Fellowships are for emerging and established artists and are intended to fund an artist’s creative vision and voice. Fellowships are not project grants and no special conditions are attached to them. Fellowship funding may cover any aspect of the artist’s life, such as, but not limited to, informal study, exploration of new artistic directions, overhead costs, travel as it directly relates to the artistic career, living and other expenses.

If I work in collaboration with another artist (or group of artists), can I apply?

Artists who collaborate, and who have an on-going demonstrated history of collaborative work, are permitted to apply under a collaborative application. Applications should have one primary applicant and include the contact information for the additional collaborators.

Should a collaborative artist group receive a fellowship, the $25,000 award is split evenly among the collaborators. Each collaborative artist must meet all eligibility requirements listed in the selection criteria. Please see guidelines for further information.

Can I apply in more than one category in the two-year cycle?

Applicants may ONLY apply in more than one category if they can demonstrate a significant commitment to each of the individual categories. If an applicant applies in more than one category, a completely separate application and set of support materials must be submitted for each application. Applicants that submit an application to more than one category may only receive a fellowship in one category per two-year cycle.

If I have applied before and not been selected, is it worth applying again?

Yes! Many of our Fellows applied several times before being selected. Every year a new set of panelists review applications, bringing fresh perspectives to the selection process.

Can I apply if I am taking classes towards a degree-granting program?

No. You may NOT apply if you are working toward or planning to work toward a degree during the course of the year-long fellowship.

What if I move out of the area after I have applied?

Your application would be deemed ineligible.

Is my non-profit organization eligible to apply for a fellowship?

No. Kresge Artist Fellowships are only granted to individual artists.

What happens after I submit my application?

The Kresge Arts in Detroit staff initially review all applications for compliance only. Through a series of rounds panelists review applications then convene in Detroit each year to select the fellows. The Kresge Arts in Detroit staff contacts all the finalists to confirm eligibility before the fellows are selected. Decision letters are sent by email to all applicants at that time.

Who selects the fellows?

For each arts category, a new independent fellowship panel is selected each year. Kresge Arts in Detroit staff and the Kresge Arts in Detroit Advisory Council do NOT contribute to the decision-making process or the selection of the Kresge Artist Fellows.

Will Kresge Arts in Detroit provide feedback on my statements before I submit?

No. While we are available to help with general questions you may have about how to apply and craft a strong application, we are unable to provide feedback regarding the specific content of your application.

How and when will I learn if I received a fellowship?

All applicants receive an email notification after the final decisions are made in June each year. The names of all Kresge Artist Fellows and the panelists who selected them will be listed on the Kresge Arts in Detroit website.

What if I miss an Application Workshop?

Kresge Arts in Detroit Staff will make documentation of Application Workshops available online after the sessions have ended. View documentation of previous workshops by clicking HERE.

How do I apply for a Gilda Award?

In the online application for a Kresge Artist Fellowship you may check a box stating that you would like to be considered for a Gilda Award.

What are the Main Criteria for Selection?

• A demonstrated track record of artistic achievement and high quality work. This is the main determinant in the selection of a fellow.
• The potential to grow and advance in their
artistic career.
• The potential to reflect, enhance or impact communities within metropolitan Detroit.


Computer and Internet Access

Many local libraries provide free internet access and computer usage.  Search your local Michigan public library at the

Translation Services

Kresge Artist Fellowship applications may only be submitted in English. For translation services visit Welcome Mat Detroit, a local immigrant integration network to search their translation service database.

Stay Informed

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