2013 Kresge Artist Fellows

2013 Kresge Artist Fellows Group Photo Cropped

2013 Kresge Artist Fellows in the Literary and Visual Arts (from left to right)
First Row: Cary Loren, Terry Blackhawk, Oren Goldenberg, Kate Daughdrill
Second Row: Carl Wilson, Coco Bruner, Chace “Mic Write” Morris, Dunya Mikhail, adrienne maree, Marie T. Hermann, Jon Brumit
Third Row: Arthur R. LaBrew, Carolyn Walker, Bryant Tillman, Michael Zadoorian, Jason E. Carter, Charlie O’Geen
Fellows Not Pictured: Peregrine Workshop: Andrea + Gary Urbiel Goldner
Photographer: Marvin Shaouni

At Kresge Arts in Detroit, we believe that communities thrive with the ideas, energy and drive of their artists. As we announce the slate of Kresge Artist Fellows for 2013, I’m reminded of the mission of our program: to heighten the profile of artists in our community; to strengthen their careers; to celebrate the richness of our community; and to enrich the quality of life for metro Detroiters by helping artists enhance the spectrum of cultural experiences. The artists selected as Fellows in the literary and visual arts this year represent the multiple dichotomies that embody Detroit’s cultural narrative: traditionalists and innovators; studio practitioners and community animators; emerging and established; familiar and under-recognized; makers and thinkers. The breadth of talent is eclectic and indicative of the artistic activity that’s enlivening our city and capturing the attention of the national art world.

We congratulate the 2013 Fellows and are pleased to recognize their creative vision and voice. We also salute the more than 700 individuals who applied for the literary and visual arts Fellowships this year; this impressive number of artists tells us that Detroit is alive with artistic production.

We are indebted to those who served on our literary and visual arts panels; both groups, comprised of local and national artists and arts professionals, brought fresh perspectives, expertise and an integrity required of such important work.

Now in its fifth year, the Kresge Arts in Detroit program has distributed $2.5 million into the local creative economy – directly to individual artists. We believe that this investment in our artists helps empower culturally-minded thinking and positions our city as a major center for arts and culture around the country. We’re happy to be here and to serve you – our partners in creating a better Detroit.

Michelle Perron
Director, Kresge Arts in Detroit