MetroTimes Fiction Issue

Cover By: Justine Allenette Ross

The second annual Metro Times Fiction Issue is here! 

This year’s edition features 22 Detroit artists – writers, poets, satirists, and visual artists – sharing work exploring the theme of “connection.” 

This is the second year that the Metro Times and Kresge Arts in Detroit have coordinated to spotlight Detroit artists, including many who have received Kresge Eminent Artist Awards, Kresge Artist Fellowships, or Gilda Awards.

Participants include Tommye Blount (2020 National Book Award finalist; 2017 Kresge Artist Fellow), Beverly Jenkins (2017 Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award recipient), Dunya Mikhail (United Nations Human Rights Award for Freedom of Writing; 2013 Kresge Artist Fellow), as well as many others. 

In the recent past, there had been no such widely-available, free, and yearly outlet for fiction and printed poetry in the Detroit Metro Area. With artist fees provided by Kresge Arts in Detroit and wide-publication from the Metro Times, the Fiction Issue will continue yearly, bringing Metro Detroit high-quality and easily-available printed artistic content into the foreseeable future. 

Drew Philp (2017 Kresge Artist Fellow) again edited the issue, and Nandi Comer (2019 Kresge Artist Fellow) was the Deputy editor.

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