The motivation, inspiration, passion and vision of Pamela Wise’s music comes from tracing the music of her African ancestors. Drum rhythms and patterns are the basis of her work, with a specific focus on West Africa, including Congo, Mali, Benin and Nigeria. Her work is often polyrhythmic, utilizing odd metered time signatures, an identifiable element in African music. Pamela has multiple internationally-recognized albums to her credit, including KINDRED SPIRITS (2015) PAMELA’S CLUB (2007), NEGRE CON LECHE (2002), and SONGO FESTIVIDAD (1994). Pamela’s work has been showcased on collaborative works with saxophonist Dave McMurray, violinist Regina Carter, saxophonist Wendell Harrison, and vocalist Naima Shamborguer. Her compositions have twice earned her the Creative Artist Award from the Arts Foundation of Michigan.

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