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Kresge Artist Fellowships are $25,000 awards, plus professional development support and the creation of a short film highlighting the artist’s work. Artists of all career stages are invited to apply. Fellowships recognize creative vision and commitment to excellence within a wide range of artistic disciplines, including artists who have been academically trained, self-taught artists, and artists whose art forms have been passed down through cultural heritage.

Fellowships are no strings attached awards, meaning artists may spend the money on any aspect of their creative practice or life (i.e. making new work, renting or purchasing studio space, travel, general living expenses, paying off debt, etc.).

Kresge Artist Fellowships recognize artists who have:

  • A demonstrated track record of artistic achievement and high quality work (this is the main determinant in the selection of a fellow), and
  • The potential to grow and advance in their artistic career, and
  • The potential to reflect, enhance, or impact communities within metropolitan Detroit.

Kresge Artist Fellowships are application-based.

Each year, independent panels are convened by Kresge Arts in Detroit to review the Kresge Artist Fellowship applications and select each cohort of fellows, utilizing the guidelines and selection criteria. Panelists are accomplished, well-respected national, regional, and local artists and arts professionals and are selected according to the categories of arts disciplines being reviewed.

Over several months, through multiple rounds, local and national panelists review eligible applications and select the fellowship recipients. New panelists participate each year.

Kresge Artist Fellowships are awarded annually in rotating categories: Film & Music/Live Arts; Literary Arts/Visual Arts

Kresge Artist Fellows receive a tailored professional development experience that provides skill-building, networking, promotion, and coaching opportunities. Produced by Kresge Arts in Detroit, programming is created and delivered in collaboration with local and national artists and arts and culture organizations. Within the catalog of offerings, fellows are encouraged to determine what best suits their goals and definitions of success. Gilda Award recipients are also invited to participate in the majority of professional development programming.